The Story ROYDX
In the 1950s, in the small town of Windsor on the River Thames, an old man named York Leders was a skilled stainless steel kitchenware craftsman. His biggest dream was to let everyone around him use superb kitchenware. Day after day, year after year, because of his perseverance, more people have learned about him and his ingenuity, and the kitchen utensils he made have become more and more popular, and have been passed on and introduced to China by later generations. . As time passes, Leides kitchenware has become more mature, and the original persistence that has passed through the ages has also been transformed into the elegant design, nobleness and excellent quality of the Leides ROYDX brand. Combining the past with the present, carrying forward the past, in the long river of the new era, Laides kitchenware will surely glow with dazzling and exquisite light.
Dana Home Furnishing is a comprehensive home furnishing company that integrates original design, independent research and development, independent production, production and sales under the Ryders Holding Group. In line with the enterprise spirit of "pioneering and innovating, working together for a win-win", through years of development, we have s
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